16th July 2019 
Workshops #01

Homeopathy at Home Workshops 2011-2012

Workshops take place on Saturdays 10am - 5pm
with qualified and experienced homeopath and teacher.
Cost: £45 including workbook and lunch.

First Aid for the Family
October 29 2011

This is the ideal introduction to using homeopathy at home to treat yourself and your family. Learn the basic principles of this safe and effective system of natural medicine, and how to prescribe a range of remedies for common first aid situations, including bruises, cuts and abrasions, bites and stings, burns, sprains and strains. Even if you have some experience of home prescribing, it's a fascinating and practical day. However, no previous knowledge or experience is required.    

Winter Health: Coughs, Colds and Flu
November 19 2011

Winter is coming, bringing with it lowered immune systems and susceptibility to winter 'bugs'. In this workshop, learn how homeopathy can help boost your immune system, and how you can use remedies to help yourself and your family recover from coughs, colds and flu quickly. This workshop is suitable for those with little or no knowledge or experience of homeopathy, as well as those who have done other workshops.

Fevers, Sore Throats and Earaches: Acute Case-taking and Prescribing
January 21 2012

This workshop takes you to the next stage of home prescribing, and ideally, you will have completed First Aid for the Family. Today you will learn how to get the information you need to choose a good remedy, as well as becoming familiar with the most commonly indicated remedies for fevers, sore throats and earaches. There will also be plenty of lively discussion on the subject of health, illness, and cure.

Digestive Problems and Working Out the Remedy
March 24 2012

Your confidence with the remedies is growing now, and you've had some great successes with home prescribing, but perhaps you sometimes find it tricky to select the best remedy. In this workshop you'll learn a straightforward way to match the remedy to acute symptoms the way a professional does it! Our focus will be the remedies commonly indicated for digestive problems, such as tummy upsets, indigestion and constipation, but you will be able to apply the skills you learn to almost any acute condition. Ideally, you need to have completed the September and the January courses to be ready for this one.

Women's Health
May 26 2012

This month it's just for you! (and maybe your daughters). Find out about homeopathy's "women's remedies" and learn how to self-prescribe for physical and emotional symptoms of PMT, and menstrual pain and cystitis.  We will also discuss the limitations of home prescribing and the scope of professional treatment. There will be opportunities to revise case-taking, and more practice in working out the remedy. Ideally, you need to have completed the September and the January courses to be ready for this one.

What previous participants have said:

"Really useful and well-presented...I feel more confident about identifying key symptoms and prescribing." Julia

"There was space to share our experiences, and the revision and case studies were excellent." Wendy

"Helen makes it easy to understand, and puts a lot into the day. Love the workbook." Pirjo

"Excellent--I learnt everything I wanted to about homeopathy, and got to ask all my questions. Definitely want to learn more." Laura

"A great day. Full of new info and new remedies to try. It has been eye-opening..." Penny

"A really constructive course--the blend of practical and philosophical is spot on." Rosie